Al Madina Quran Academy California is an Online Quran Academy that delivers Islamic teaching and guidelines to Muslims in all over California. Al Madina Quran Academy allows its students to come with any age and gives a better and convenient platform of Quran teaching at echo-friendly prices. In our Online Quran Academy, various courses are included such as Quran with Tafseer,  Basic Qaidah, and Quran With Tajweed.

Key Features of our California Quran Academy

Male And Female Tutors in California

Our California Quran Academy has female and male staff both so that you could learn Holy Quran with comfort and ease. You can select any tutor who seems better to you to teach. The way of teaching of all tutors is same and impressive to learn. 

Timing of California Quran Academy

There is no restriction of time in our Holy Quran Academy. The tutors are available every time in a day and you may contact your tutor any time un a day. It doesn't matter, from which city you live or belong, our California Quran Academy services has the ability to connect with any country to teach. 

One-One Online Quran Academy Classes In California

Al Madina Quran Academy also offers one to one classes to their students that is really easy and effective to understand for everyone. One to one Online classes will be held through live session. 

Lectures On Islamic Teachings

Our online tutors are also available for giving lectures on Islamic teachings, what are the basics of Islam and how can we lead a happy life by following the guidelines of Islam. Each and everything will be available in our Online Islamic teaching lectures. 

The procedure of learning the Holy Quran from Al Madina Quran Academy
The procedure of learning Holy Quran from Al Madina Quran Academy is easy and simple. Only you have to read out the courses and register on those courses who seems best to you to learn. After registering, you will not have to wait for so many days. Your online class would be start after talking admission from our California Quran Academy.  

How can join our California Quran Academy
our California Quran Academy can join anyone who needs proficiency and improvement in their reciting. We welcome every age of people whether they are good reciter or not. We ensure to improve you in reciting Holy Quran with tajweed. The main purpose of Al Madina Quran Academy California is to increase the number of Muslims all over the world. This is what we accept slow learners and new Muslims too in our California Quran Academy. People who have learned the Holy Quran here, they are learning some new courses with us. Our all students are fully satisfied and happy with our Online Quran services. Once you will experience it, then you will definitely thankful to us to get amazing and effective services.